Security Support Services

We at finecons, offer comprehensive managed information security services, by managing security assets at various layers of your enterprise IT assets, including , Perimeter, Network, Host, Application & Data.

Our comprehensive suite of security services starts form monitoring the availability of information security assets to on-line monitoring of authentication process, integrity of security policies, events, alerts, and performance of these products. The security elements we manage at various layers of your IT assets are:

Perimeter Firewall
Network-based anti-virus, Anti Spam
Content Security & URL Filtering
VPN encryption
Network Intrusion detection /prevention system (IDS/IPS)
Vulnerability management system
Endpoint security compliance
Access control / User authentication
Network Admission Control
Host Host IDS
Host VA
Endpoint security compliance
Access control/user authentication

Host IDS
Host VA
Access control/user authentication
Input validation

Data Encryption
Access control/user authentication

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