A new level of experiencing Video Telephony and Video Conferencing with sophisticated and improved fidelity of audio and video. Finecons offers unique telepresence solutions from Cisco and Tandberg.

At its most basic, today's Computer Network is simply a set of wires arranged in one direction, a layer of switches, and a second set of wires alligned in the opposite direction. The wires and switches are configured to fabricate logic gates so as to establish connection and hence communication. But the kinds of wires and switches makes all the difference. So, making the right choice of switches and wires is very important and it is sometimes very difficult too!!

No technology has changed as rampantly,or as radically,as in the field of communication. Although vital, this part of our day-to-day life is often overlooked. Each new product is developed to deliver dependable, casual operation of these very complex systems.

We at Finecons thrive to maintain consistency in offering better choices and better products, and never take technology for granted .

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